Creative Writing

Allegro Creative Writing Course

This course is targeted to help lower primary and upper primary students in their creative writing. Many children have problems starting an essay and ending the essay. Very often, their ideas are all around , however they are unable to classify and properly plan them properly into the various paragraphs. In this course, the students will learn:

  • How to start an essay
  • The 5 strategies in starting the essay
  • How to write a successful conclusion
  • Usage of power words and idioms
  • The must have checklist for writing

The strategies will be taught over a 8 week period. Following that, students who continue will practice the skills that they have learnt by completing the exam essay questions that are given in schools. In this course, we will also explore the skills in attempting cloze passages and comprehension passages. Idea maps and graphs are used to help the child plan his / her essay in a fun manner before writing into a full length composition.