Franchise Allegro Phonics

Allegro Phonics Programme

This reading programme is designed for the crucial formative years of a child to learn the 44 phoneme sounds of the alphabet. Each individual sound of a letter is taught through music and movement.

Based on a multiple intelligence learning approach, the lesson is conducted by tapping on four main areas – Phonics time, Reading time, Activity time and Craft time, infusing fun activities to reinforce every learning point.

Allegro Education has also developed our own proprietary readers for use in class and for students to take home in order to reinforce the reading skills learnt.

Stage One : Sound Genius

Students will identify individual letters and their sounds. Students will gain the ability to differentiate the sounds at the start and at the end of a word.

Stage Two : Word Family Masters

Students will learn about decoding and coding of words as well as various word families.

Stage Three : Blending Experts

Students will pick up an understanding of advance consonant blends together with 50 high frequency sight words (words that are commonly used)

Stage Four : Budding Writers

Students will gain an understanding of sentence structure, writing simple sentences, vocabulary building, creative writing and the next set of 50 high frequency sight words.

At the end of the two years, the programme will build up confident readers and writers with a strong recognition of words and their sounds.