The teachers with Allegro education are specially selected, qualified teaching professionals who are personally being trained by the founder of the company, Ms Alethea. Ms Alethea has been teaching over 15 years with children from 3 – 12. She has taught and developed the signature Allegro Phonics programme as well as the Allegro Preparatory Grammar to ensure that the students have a sound English pronunciation and foundation. Ms Alethea has a distinction in her bachelor degree in business and awarded distinction in certificate in phonics with teachers college, UK. With a love for nuturing children, she has developed unique teaching methods through her experience with children.


“The phonics lessons are very effective. I noticed Akimi is able to recognise the beginning sounds of words after attending a few classes.” Mrs Goh, mother of Akimi (5 years old)  

“Thank you Teachers Alethea and Srini for your dedication towards ensuring the children enjoy learning through the varied interactive activities.” Nurin’s mother, Psychologist.

“I find the phonics lessons very useful for my son. The teachers are experienced and are able to capture the children’s attention. My child enjoys coming for his lessons and there is a sudden keeness in reading story books with me. I am really glad we registered him for the course.” Karin Tan, mother of Nicholas (5 years old)

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