Why Allegro

Why Franchise Allegro?

As a franchisee of Allegro Education, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Initial Training – As our franchisee, you can expect to receive comprehensive initial training on all aspects of setting up the Allegro Education Centre. This will include the use of curriculum and programme materials, training, marketing and other essential elements needed to operate the franchise.
  2. Proven Business System and Methods – With access to Allegro Education’s proven systems and methods coupled with ongoing transfer of know-how and methodology, you will be able to gratly shorten your learning curve. The curriculum and the systems to manage and operate the franchise will also be provided to franchisees.
  3. Proprietary Teaching Curriculum and Materials – Taking pride in our proprietary curriculum and teaching materials, you will gain access to our library of materials and receive adequate training to effectively impart the learning to the children.
  4. Training of Teachers – Your teachers will receive structured training and be assess prior to teaching. Franchisees can be assured that teachers will be equipped with the skills to teach and deliver the programmes.
  5. Comprehensive Franchise Manual – During the term of the franchise, one set of user-friendly Franchise Manual will be on loan. Our Franchise Manual will provide you with an in-depth insight of the operations and systems of our business, preparing you with the know-how and skills to operate the Allegro Education franchise and deliver the brand experience to our students.
  6. Continuous Committment to your Success – Your success is our success too! We are committed to growing our partnership with you through the provision of ongoing support via training, improvements and updates to the programmes and business reviews.

To learn more about our Franchising options. Please call us at +65 9889 0533 or fill up the contact form below. Thanks